Help! I’m stuck under my bed and I can’t get out

Marcelina Vergara

Since California is long overdue for a large earthquake, it is important to be prepared when disaster strikes. Here are some helpful tips to survive a powerful earthquake no matter what room you’re in:

1. When you are indoors, it is important to remain inside and avoid doorways or anything that could potentially fall, especially windows and glass.

2. Stay close to the ground by crouching down and cover both your neck and head so you are able to avoid falling debris.

3. Corners and low furniture are great places to hide as they provide additional protection.

4. Hold on to any strong covering so you are able to move with it until the earthquake ends.

5. Physically disabled people should lock their wheels and remain calm until the earthquake stops while covering their head and neck with their arms.

6. If you are in bed during the earthquake, it is best to stay where you are and cover your neck and head with a pillow since it is harder to avoid hazards at night because of the dark.

7. When you are outdoors and the shaking starts, try to move away from objects that may fall down such as streetlights, utility wires and buildings.

8. If you are in a car during the earthquake, safely but quickly stop and remain in the vehicle.

9. Avoid stopping under or near buildings, utility wires, overpasses or trees.

-Compiled from The Week article, “When will the Big One strike California?” from April 19, 2014;; Earthquake Country Alliance