You’ve got a friend at Pixar Fest

Jade Ajileye, Staff Writer

Wikimedia Commons
Pixar Fest will take place from April 13 to Sept. 3.

When the memorable character Ellie from “Up” said, “Adventure is out there,” she must have meant at the Disneyland Resort this summer where the first ever Pixar Fest has debuted.

Many people may have noticed that Disneyland has been modifying its park during the past year to include more Pixar-centric attractions. Disneyland’s plans came to fruition in April as it launched its Pixar Fest to commemorate beloved Pixar characters and movies in an interactive and creative way.

Disneyland patrons and Pixar lovers will now be able to enjoy multiple parades, firework shows and rides dedicated to movies such as “Coco,” “Inside Out,” “Up” and “Toy Story.” Some attractions like California Screamin’ and Paradise Pier have been altered to fit the theme. At Pixar Fest it will be known as the Incredicoaster and Pixar Pier.

In addition to meeting up with cherished characters like Mike Wazowski from “Monsters Inc.” and Elastigirl from “The Incredibles,” patrons will be able to witness multimedia showcases. The Pixar Play parade, Paint the Night parade and the Pixar short film festival are a few of the events to look forward to. These events will spotlight old and new Pixar films as well as feature iconic characters.

At the end of the night, the Pixar nighttime spectacular will capture the hearts of everyone lucky enough to watch it. The theme Together Forever will focus on the relationships between Pixar characters and is meant to tie in with Pixar Fest’s theme “Friendship and Beyond.” Enormous displays of fireworks, special effects and Pixar-defining music, such as “You got a friend in me” are part of the nighttime experience.

Showstopping floats, awe-inspiring pyrotechnics and nostalgia-inducing films are what can be expected at this brand new event.

Pixar Fest began on April 13 and will end Sept. 3.