Parents who don’t vaccinate their children put public at risk

Tahra Hunter, Staff Writer

One advance in medicine is the vaccine, but recently some parents have been questioning the need for them.

Some parents nationwide have refused to have their children vaccinated. They believe that the vaccinations are unneeded and may be dangerous to the well-being of their child. They also believe that they can cause serious allergic reactions, even though they are rare.

Vaccinations have saved millions of people by preventing major diseases in children like polio and the measles. Therefore, vaccinations should be mandatory for all children. But still some parents are wary.

As mentioned before, allergic reactions can occur to children when given a vaccination. But even then, specialists have created shots to help people who have allergies. For example, the flu shot contains egg proteins, to those who are allergic to eggs, there is an alternative vaccine called Flublok.

Vaccinations can also interfere with a families’ religion, such as Roman Catholicism and Christianity. These religions are sometimes cautious of vaccinations because it can interfere with their beliefs.

Oregon resident and parent Jolynn Reynolds has refused to have her child vaccinated and has taken a stand against states, including California,Texas and Michigan, that make it the law for children to be vaccinated. Although 17 states allow vaccination exemptions, waivers for parents who don’t favor vaccines to file in order for their child to be exempt from being vaccinated.

Oregon has the highest population of unvaccinated children in the country. Oregon Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, who is also a doctor, is terrified of the number of children without vaccinations. Hayward doesn’t believe in the argument of personal belief. She believes that parents shouldn’t have the choice of not having their children vaccinated.

During the outbreak of measles at Disneyland in December, many people have been infected, mainly in California.

Measles is a highly infectious disease that could be dangerous to those who are unvaccinated and to babies that can’t be vaccinated until they are at least 12 months old.

Vaccinations are one of the best inventions of modern medicine and have helped control breakouts of diseases, like measles. Those who are not vaccinated pose a threat to others safety, with the danger of spreading diseases.

With more scientific research done the country should come to the conclusion for the better good of the nation by getting vaccinated.