Minor changes to bell schedule during this semester

Brandon Gilden

Some students are upset about how the new bell schedule decreases their nutrition by five minutes.

Each class is now one minute longer because students weren’t getting enough academic minutes based on the schedule from last semester. If last semester’s schedule continued, students might have had to come in for an extra day or even have their diplomas in jeopardy. By switching the schedule, the school is teaching enough minutes academically so pupils don’t have to show up for that extra day.

Nutrition is now five minutes shorter and Breakfast in the Classroom is cut by one minute. On Tuesdays, the school day is five minutes longer, ending at 1:42 instead of 1:37.

Senior Ashley Hernandez is upset about this but understands why it has to be done.

“I’m not the happiest about classes being a little longer but I realize it has to be longer so we meet the learning time needed,” Hernandez said.