Girls Tennis Profiles

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Eyssa Gorospe
Eyssa Gorospe

Perseverance is only one of many words that distinguishes junior and yearbook editor Elyssa Gorospe.

Gorospe played tennis for Birmingham Community Charter High School varsity team during the fall semester. However, Gorospe’s team didn’t bring in any wins to take pride in. Despite the team’s losses, Gorospe doesn’t see the court as just a place to win.

“I don’t know how to describe it,” Gorospe said. “Just the thought of being able to play or play tomorrow gets me so excited.”

Gorospe’s family has a long history of swimming but as soon as she picked up the racket in her 8th grade PE class, she couldn’t put it down. There were a lot of concerns due to her weak knees, which unfortunately interfered with her freshmen year, Gorospe kept going and made it in her sophomore year.

Now, Gorospe plays for varsity and is just as serious on and off the court, being one of the editors for the Prestige Yearbook. Despite all the tasks Gorospe takes on, she still turns to tennis as a stress reliever.

I really enjoy it,” Gorospe said.


Irene Feher
Irene Feher


Irene Feher, 16, plays singles in the girls varsity tennis team for Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS).

Feher, and her younger brother Jozsef Feher, both play tennis for BCCHS. She started playing tennis when her father wanted her to attend a camp at California State University Northridge.

“My dad plays tennis and wanted both my brother and I to start playing. He enrolled us in a camp at CSUN in 2009, and I’ve been playing tennis of about five years,” sophomore Feher said.

Before playing tennis playing, Feher played golf. She really didn’t like golf and to keep tennis in the family, she started playing tennis. Now she wants to go to CSUN or UCLA with a sports scholarship and get a degree in mathematics.

“I would love to play for a college like CSUN or UCLA and have a scholarship” said Feher, who is a staff writer for The Pearl Post.


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