Concert Review: Ariana Grande showcases new songs at Club Nokia

Ilana Gale


Ariana Grande showcases her debut album, "Yours Truly," at Club Nokia. Photo by Ilana Gale.
Ariana Grande showcases her debut album, “Yours Truly,” at Club Nokia. Photo by Ilana Gale.

Hundreds of fans filled the Club Nokia shoulder to shoulder on Sept. 9 as they waited for Ariana Grande to perform.

She started off the show by performing her second single, “Baby I,” off of her debut album, “Yours Truly.” The atmosphere screamed of excitement when Grande appeared onstage in a black sequined dress with high heels.

Some of her guest performers included Big Sean, featured in her song “Right There,” and Mac Miller, featured in “The Way.”

Grande sang most of the songs off her new album, “Yours Truly,” including “Honeymoon Avenue,” “Tattooed Heart,” “Piano” and “Daydreamin.” The only song she didn’t sing was “Popular Song,” featuring MIKA.

During the show, Grande’s manager came onstage and announced that Grande’s album was number one in the country. Grande is the first woman to have her debut album reach number one since Ke$ha’s album, “Animal,” in 2010.

“Thank you guys for buying it and supporting me,” Grande said. She took the opportunity to thank her old Nickelodeon cast members from “Victorious” and her producers, for coming.

Suddenly, Grande walked offstage and after about five minutes, she returned onstage. The beginning cords of her last song blasted through the speakers, every person there knew exactly which song she was about to perform. This was the song the fans were anticipating. When Grande began to sing “The Way,” Club Nokia became exhilarant.