Gen Z, millennials looks for better president, better future by voting


Cassia Ramelb

Black Student Union President Cassia Ramelb encourages students to vote and pre-register. The presidential election is less than a month away and it is important to vote who will lead the fate of our country.

Nathalie Miranda

With the presidential election around the corner, many teens and first-time voters are expected to play a significant role in determining the future of this country.

Generation Z (Gen Z), the only generation that has grown up in a fairly modern world, has gained a lot of attention numerous times for showing they are incredibly progressive and will not stay quiet about the issues this country faces. Gen Z is known for their courage to speak for social movements like racial justice, climate change and human rights. Also, there will be many more youth voters this year than there were in 2016. There will be about 23 million eligible Gen Z voters and about 63% of them will be voting, compared to only 47% in 2016. 

In June, Gen Z sabotaged President Donald J. Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On the popular app, TikTok, many members of Gen Z came together to RSVP online to the rally even though they weren’t going to end up going. More than a million people signed up but only a little over 6,000 people ended up showing.

Studies from 2018 done by Pew Research Center showed only about 30 percent of Gen Z actually approved of how President Trump has led this country. The remaining percent want a government that will try to solve human rights injustices, rather than one that fuels large corporations.

The youth vote is so important because young adults recognize the damage Trump has inflicted on the majority and they’re not afraid to fight back. It has become evermore apparent youth voters have very progressive beliefs rather than traditional beliefs. 

“While being a part of the younger generation, it is so important we show up to the polls, message politicians and demand change,” poll worker, political rally captain and senior Cassia Ramelb said. “Most of the youth are involved in politics and are driven to have a say. What is happening in politics today is the world we will grow in and we need our voices to echo.”  

Even as this country emerges into a more connected society, it still seems to want to preserve the beliefs from hundreds of years ago. This being said, the younger generations, regardless of being raised under traditional morals, managed to break out of those standards.  

As time passes and the more this country advances, progress and open-minds are what we need. Youth voters understand the need for a president who makes efforts to benefit the entire country. The future of the United States is quite literally depending on the younger generations. For those who are of age, show up to the polls and vote, for the sake of the country and everyone living in it.