Athlete of the Month: Edgar Ruvalcaba

Varsity Baseball co-captain Edgar Ruvalcaba receiving the ball from another player. Photo by Robert Tapia.

By Robert Tapia
Contributing Writer

Since the age of four, Edgar Ruvalcaba has loved the sport of baseball. As a child, Ruvalcaba always played whiffle ball in his living room. Now, as a teenager, he plays it on the field.

Ruvalcaba is co-captain for the varsity baseball team at Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS).

“My dad played baseball in Mexico, in his youth. My brother has played in high school, college, and pro-ball. (Joining baseball) was always something that was inevitable,” said catcher Ruvalcaba.

Ruvalcaba practices Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. When in season, he participates in a workout regime and listens to coach’s orders. Off season, Ruvalcaba stays in shape with the P90X program. During his free time, he enjoys pitching in his backyard with friends and family on the weekend.

Ruvalcaba juggles around two Advanced Placement classes while managing a sport.

“Lately I’ve been keeping up with everything, but the hardest week was about two weeks ago because a lot of things were due, such as projects, homework assignments,” Ruvalcaba said.

Ruvalcaba hopes to attend the University of Southern California.

“It’s close to home, a private school, and I would love to get in on a scholarship,” Ruvalcaba said.