CES 2019 brings forward new, exciting technology

CES 2019 provided avid technology consumers with new inventions.

Screenshot by Parampreet Aulakh

CES 2019 provided avid technology consumers with new inventions.

Casey Wanatick

From a virtual reality system in a car to a rollable TV, CES 2019 provided some amazing products that could change the future of technology as we know it.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a large scale technology convention where major companies like Apple and Verizon can showcase new and innovative products they will come out with in the foreseeable future. CES 2019 took place in Las Vegas from Jan. 8-11 and featured many creative ideas and products that stood out amongst the crowd.

One of the most popular products during the convention was the Holoride, a car that has a virtual reality system built inside it. The product is a collaboration between Disney and Audi and allows you to play games and watch movies through its virtual reality system. The feature making the product unique is that the car interacts with the system. For example, when the car is driving the player is moving forward in their game.

Another popular product amongst the crowd was the Matrix PowerWatch 2, a multi-tool watch that can track your health through various ways. It can track heart rate, step count and mile count and has a GPS system and can withstand 200 meters of water resistance. The watch runs on solar power and heat power and works with third party health companies to track your health anywhere you go.

One of the biggest products announced at CES 2019 was the OLED TV, a rollable TV that can roll up to a tube size rectangle. The 65-inch TV was made by LG and is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2019. The TV rolls in and out of a rectangular box when you turn it on or off and has features like a weather display, photo album and allows you to play music through bluetooth.

Though the products announced still have a long way to go before being sold to the eagerly waiting consumers, CES 2019 satisfied the world with new and innovative products that will change the future of technology.