Athlete of the Month: Patrick Bullock runs for victory


Sam Torres

Sophomore Patrick Bullock runs during practice on Oct. 31.

Sam Torres

Q: What sport do you play?

A: I run cross-country after school.


Q: What is your motivation for doing that?

A: Well I didn’t make the soccer team, so I mostly do it to stay fit.


Q: Why do you keep doing it? What pushes you to do it every day?

A: It’s just fun. I get to hang out with people and work together.


Q: Is it really difficult, being in cross-country?

A: Yeah, we work really hard for long hours. It gets really hot and sometimes we have to run in the rain too. You really have to push yourself.


Q: Is it difficult to be a student-athlete?

A: Yes, I already manage my time really bad, so just having cross-country and then being on a soccer team outside of school in Granada Hills makes everything really hard.


Q: What makes it even more difficult?

A: I’m tired all the time and I’m usually sore.


Q: Do you enjoy the sports you do?

A: Yes, it’s why I keep doing them, it’s why I do like two at a time usually.


Q: What do you enjoy about cross-country?

A: I like just running around and seeing places. It’s really nice to see the outside world and not be inside all the time or be in the same field over and over. You get to run places and see things that you normally don’t see. Plus, you get to enjoy it with other people.


Q: Is there any sort of advice that you want to say to somebody who wants to be in cross-country or even just a student-athlete?

A: If it’s something you enjoy, definitely go for it. You might have to work hard but it’ll all be worth it.