Unsafe social media trend leads to tragedy


Wikimedia Commons

A photo from one of Drake’s concerts in 2011. The “In My Feelings” challenge, inspired by his new song, became a social media trend.

Cassia Ramelb

Forget the Mannequin Challenge and the “Dame tu Cosita” challenge. The “In my feelings” challenge from this past summer sparked a social media craze sending people of all ages to jump out of their cars and join in.

“I think the challenge is popular because of the beat and it’s Drake,” senior Taylor Devlugt said. “You might be doing it on an open road but it’s so dangerous because you never know if an accident could happen.”

Hip-hop artist Drake released the hit song “In my feelings” from his album “Scorpion” in July. Soon after, comedian Shaggy posted a video of himself dancing to the intro of the song causing the outbreak of the challenge.

With new trends buzzing every month, each has its own set of dangers along with them. The importance of a life should be more heavily weighted than the count of your followers.

Back in January, the “Tide Pod” challenge influenced kids to bite into a Tide Pod while others like “The Kylie Jenner” challenge, motivated people to damage their mouth for the appearance of bigger lips. Comparatively, the “In my feelings” challenge involved people jumping out of a moving car to start dancing.

“I think it’s the idea of wanting to go viral on social media,” sophomore Stephanie Pynes said. “People will do anything for 15 seconds of fame.”

Still, letting a car roll unattended is a safety hazard. Crazy enough, people filmed themselves on highways, bustling streets and private roads. Dancing on roadways can result in injuries and hospitalizations. According to Edgar Snyder & Associates, the average record of car accidents due to electronic usage is nearly 4,000 reports a year and the challenge only adds on to the amount.

To assure safety, all necessary actions to promote motor vehicle safety should be practiced. It’s best to take caution before jumping on the next viral trend.