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Lacrosse pre-season gives high hopes

Melissa Hernandez

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Jade Ajileye
Senior Alberto Serrano (in black) listens as his coach discusses drills for practice.


The varsity boys lacrosse team suffered a devastating loss during the last game of their season, but are determined to not have a repeat of last year.

The team had a good start last season until they were outplayed by the Alexander Hamilton High School boys lacrosse team. By the end of the game, the players were beaten and exhausted. The players will go back to basics then as the season goes on they will work on their offence, defence, and improving their plays.

“We’re learning a lot of the basic lacrosse skills the passing, the catching, defence position, all that fun stuff,” varsity coach Chris Iorio said. “February we’ll start learning more of our offence and our defence like what we do here at Birmingham and game like situations.”

The team’s overall score was 10-11 and this season they are improving their plays and practicing new techniques that would make them move farther into the season. The team is determined to making it to the state championship.

“My expectations for this season is to go to city championship against Pacific Palisades because they’re our biggest rivals so that’d be good for the team to go against,” varsity captain Alberto Serrano said.

Practice has already has begun to prepare the team for their first game on Feb. 27 against Dos Pueblos High School.

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Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer
Melissa loves to read fantasy and adventure books, write stories about things from her imagination and she enjoys drawing animals and Pokémon. For her free time she likes to rest and relax, go out with her family and hang out with her friends.
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Jadesola Ajileye is a first year staff writer on the Daniel Pearl high school’s newspaper, the Pearl Post. Although this is her first year in Newspaper, she has written blogs and stories on behalf of the The Pearl Post webpage before. When she’s not writing news pieces, she loves to read and binge watch shows...
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Lacrosse pre-season gives high hopes