Time’s Up on Hollywood’s sexual harassment


Christine Valenzuela

Harvey Weinstein is portrayed as a pig due to his sexual harassment accusations. This cartoon shows how Hollywood actresses and actors can do much more to prevent and stop sexual harassment.

Steven Guzman

Both men and women of Hollywood have shown that this year’s awards season holds more than fancy suits and shiny trophies.

During the Golden Globes awards, almost everyone wore black, in support of Time’s Up, a movement that stands against any kind of sexual harassment made in the workplace. For the Grammy’s, artists wore white roses in support of gender equality. Time’s Up first started on New Years Day when over 300 women sent a letter to the New York Times regarding the anti-harassment movement.

The sexual harassment controversy started last October when allegations were made against Harvey Weinstein. This started what is now known as “The Weinstein Effect,” in which more people came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct. Actor Anthony Rapp revealed that “House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey made sexual advances on him when he was 14 years old. Spacey apologized for his actions on Twitter and  came out as gay. These events lead to the trending #metoo that swept social media. Other people such as Chef Mario Batali, Television Journalist Matt Lauer and Comedian Louis C.K. admitted to harassing others and received well-deserved consequences. Actor Casey Affleck was removed as a presenter in the Oscars after multiple reports of sexual misconduct.

It’s rather bitter hearing our favorite stars being accused of such terrible actions. One of my idols, Stan Lee, creator of characters such as Spider-Man and Iron Man was accused by former nurses of groping them and demanding to be pleasured. Lee has denied these allegations, calling them “false” and “despicable” and plans to clear his stellar good name. No confirmation or other comments have been made about the incident against Lee since then. Though harassment is terrible, the public should wait until things have been confirmed by the ones being accused before automatically jumping to the belief that all accusations are true.

Sexual harassment isn’t just physical but also verbal. One of the most common forms is known as ‘catcalling,’ which involves a sexual comment or gesture made to a passerby. Finding a random person attractive is normal and perfectly fine. What isn’t fine is being disrespectful and making uncomfortable comments to them. In some worst-case scenarios, catcallers will even walk with that person. Situations like these can be seen on YouTube, titled as “social experiments.”

Although actors wore black against sexual harassment, much more can be done. Actress Gal Gadot stipulated that she would not appear in the “Wonder Woman” sequel unless filmmaker Brett Ratner was taken off production due to multiple reports of sexual harassment against him. In the end, Ratner was removed from production.

We need to stand up to our predators and stop letting fear keep us from speaking. Time’s up on staying silent.