Music festivals overly expensive despite lack of popular artists performing

Kirsten Cintigo

Music festivals are often one of the most hyped up events of the year and are a place for people to see their favorite artists however the pricing of tickets are way too up the scale making them unattainable to most of the public. Plus the benefits of these tickets include far too little than what people expect to see.

Festivals such as Coachella or IHeartRadio have skyrocketing prices and sell out tickets within minutes. These prices tend to be impossible for most people, leading them to splurge money they may need in the future.

Most festivals only have few major headliners and contain more unknown artists. With bigger known headliners, such as Beyonce or Drake, festivals can attract more attention and in turn higher sales.

Even with these world known acts performing, they often play fewer songs compared to those who are lesser known. Those who are attending these events aren’t really getting their money’s worth. It’s unfair to pay high amounts of money for a half hour performance from an unknown band and only get a 15-minute show from someone most people love.

Even though these unknown artists can get exposure from these performances and become bigger, the people attending these festivals aren’t paying large amounts of money to see people they don’t know. They are going to see people they actually listen to on a daily basis.

Although festivals make the perfect place to see your favorites play they are priced too highly for the benefits they come with.

Many music festivals like Coachella are overrated and expensive, even though they don’t have good artists performing.