Perspective from a carnivore

Juliette Tafoya

Meat is nature’s fruit. It is also the heart and soul of the human being appetite. Meat is what keeps us alive and is the source of where the majority of our protein comes from. As a meat lover, I’ve eaten many meats of the world, from the sea to the land.

COLORED CARTOON meatlover juliette
Sheena Gonzalez

People say we should save animals because it is cruel to devour them. The fact is, animals are saving humans. If we don’t eat natural vitamins and true proteins from natural sources, like animals, then we will contract frightening diseases.

It’s been said that the fat from meat can risk your chance for diabetes and heart disease. I, however, have not developed any sort of illnesses from meat. I’ve eaten this kind of food almost everyday of my life. I gained a healthier immune system from consuming important nutrients, like vitamin B13, omega-3s, and Creasine, which are nutrients that cannot be achieved by only ingesting plants and other man-made foods.

Vegans and vegetarians also don’t realize that the plants they’re eating are also living organisms. Plants almost have the same kinds of qualities as animals: They consume, breath, grow, and reproduce. Whenever a vegan or herbivore asks any of you meat lovers out there why we “devour” helpless animals, ask them this: Why do they devour helpless and defenseless plants? They can feel and hurt like an animal. So why do they have any justification to call carnivores out when they are being hypocrites themselves.

Now don’t get me wrong, vegans and vegetarians can knock themselves out if they want to eat veggies, fruits, and grains for the rest of their lives. Give them some credit, it’s hard to keep up a diet like that. Plus, they are getting a good majority of their vitamins somehow by not eating meat. However, the body cannot sustain itself for a huge amount of time without wanting to consume meat.

I understand that many vegans and vegetarians are animal activists and condemn slaughterhouses, but we, as humane carnivores have made the initiative to regulate these places and to make sure that when these creatures die, they were  raised and killed humanely.   

Humans were made to eat vegetables and meat. That’s how our bodies have been working since the beginning of humankind and will still function this way until the end of time.