Editorial: Publication goals set for new year

For The Pearl Post, 2015-2016, signifies a year of new people, new experiences and new goals.             

We are continuing to have two editor positions, Print Editor-in-Chief and Online Editor-in-Chief. Last year this leadership model afforded us the ability to build up our online presence and still keep the print paper running smoothly and efficiently.

As a staff, we are still striving to report only the most authentic material to our readers. Our primary goal for the paper is to notify the students and staff about what is occurring around them.

With many new members of the paper holding positions new to them, it is inevitable that it will take some time for them to become acclimated with their roles.

We are hopeful that by the end of the year, our many staff members will become one cohesive staff.

For us, this means more work going into making sure all new editors know the ways of InDesign, as well as making sure all staff members feel comfortable asking for help.

For you, the student body, this means new styles of writing to brighten up the paper and new perspectives in stories.

On top of that, we hope to create intricate designs and continue our legacy of taking home some awards along the way as well.

Last year we were finalists for a Pacemaker award got third place for Best of Show Award for our website publication.

Over the summer, we received first place for Best High School Newspaper at the Los Angeles Press Club Awards. This was the perfect ending to a productive year we had with innovative designs and content that covered every important event.

We look forward to adding our own awards to the wall in the newsroom. The current paper is the legacy of the seniors’ from last year and we plan to make it our own, to put our own personal touches on it.

There will be unheard struggles in the newsroom this year but we will make sure that they aren’t known in the paper. We will face every bump and bruise as a team and learn how to work through them together as a staff.