End of the year reflection from the Editor-in-Chief

Carlos Gadoy

Top: Avidan Gurvis, Zach Alder, Enrie Amezcua, Carlos Gadoy, Emon Abdullah. Bottom: Elijah Zelonky, Timothy Smirnov and Alex Torres.
Jake Dobbs
Top: Avidan Gurvis, Zach Alder, Enrie Amezcua, Carlos Gadoy, Emon Abdullah.
Bottom: Elijah Zelonky, Timothy Smirnov and Alex Torres.















The Pearl Post brought many new accomplishments this past year. Those who were new on staff got rapidly acquainted with the demand on writing, editing and filming. It was a challenge, however, having a few editors and staff writers in different periods, instead of the period 3 newspaper class. Communication between staff has grown stronger since then and everyone knows how to work with each other.

“Newspaper is enjoyable because although it’s a lot of work, you get to see your work published and you always learn something new,” Yearbook Editor and Newspaper Editor Ana Perez said.

A goal that has been very important throughout the year is posting online. Getting the publication a larger audience can be a difficult task so that’s why it’s been a focus to branch out using social media.

Ever since Online Editor Timothy Smirnov helped launch and monitor our website in fall 2012, posting events that happen in school daily are just a click away. Not to mention this year we started an Instagram account to increase our social media presence.

“I enjoyed strengthening connections with my colleagues on staff,” Photography Editor Dion Mazor said.

Branching out has led to some successful recognition.

In March, The Pearl Post welcomed U.S. Education Secretary Communications Director Massie Ritsch. The staff got a chance to do a question and answer with him as well.

Long hours of hard work have paid off.

Among 42 students from across the country, Perez was selected to attend the Asian American Journalism Association’s J-Camp at Emerson College in June.

In previous years, former Editor-in-Chief Elitza Batchiyska and current Editor-in-Chief Carlos Godoy have attended J-Camp. It’s a great opportunity that opens doors to careers in journalism.

Features Editor Chris Bower was accepted to a multimedia workshop at Cronkite School in Arizona Sate.

At a publication level, we’ve raised the bar and improved our outcome.

In April, 18 students attended the San Diego Journalism Convention where the National Scholastic Press Association awarded The Pearl Post 4th place for online website for small schools.

We are also a Blue Ribbon Finalist from the California Newspaper Publisher’s Association.

For the third year in a row, The Pearl Post is a Los Angeles Press Club finalist for Best High School Newspaper. The Awards gala is June 29.

At a student level, we’ve pushed ourselves to the limit and won various awards.

Managing Editor Natalie Moore received an honorable mention in News, Bower received excellent in Editorial, Perez won an excellent in Photo Portrait, staff writer Zach Adler received honorable mention in Review. Opinion Editor Enrie Amezcua and broadcast student Karla  Medrano received superior in Commercial/PSA.

Once again the staff doesn’t fail to impress and always sets the stakes even higher for its successors. We hope to branch out and network with a broad range of people.