My life unplugged

Lorenzo Escobar


Lorenzo andfriends
Photo by Dion Mazor
Sophomore Lorenzo Escobar spends time with his friends during nutrition.

In this day and age, nobody really realizes how much we depend on electronic devices until you have gone without them.

On Nov. 13 I did the unthinkable, going without technology. That meant no television, no music, no cell phone and definitely no computer. A whole 24 hours without any connections to the outside world.

Personally, I believe that I took the best approach to this experiment as possible; conducting it on a school day. I did this because throughout most of the day we are not able to use our electronic devices.

Each and every morning I usually wake up with music from my ihome. Instead of that, my mom had to wake me up, which she didn’t like too much. I had to eat my breakfast in my room because the television was on and I couldn’t watch.

On the way to school I didn’t listen or play on my phone so my dad and I actually had a real conversation. It was really nice to have a conversation with my dad. I needed to check the weather on my phone but I had to ask my dad who had watched the news when I was eating breakfast.

Another big problem I had was at nutrition and lunch when most of my friends were using some types of electronic devices and I was the only one there not using technology.

The afternoon would be by far the most challenging part of my day. We finished with our baseball practice at around five forty five in the afternoon. I wasn’t able to call my parents so they could pick me up but luckily I only had to wait 25 minutes, before I got picked up.

When I do my homework I usually will listen to music. When I am done with my homework most of the time I will watch television or go on my computer.

As I was eating dinner, I explained to my family why I was doing this project. My mom and dad thought that it was a good idea, however, my sister who is 17, thought it was pointless After I was done with dinner I got extremely bored, so instead of using technology I cleaned my room and reorganized my backpack.

After cleaning my room I sat on my bed and through a tennis ball at the wall for about an hour and then I went to bed at about nine at night. I learned that it is possible to go without technology.