Recipe: Make Peppermint Bark for the Holidays

Avidan Rishon Gurvis

The finished result of the peppermint bark. Photo by Todd Gurvis
The finished result of the peppermint bark.
Photo by Todd Gurvis

Winter is a time of tradition for many cultures. Arguably one of the more memorable forms of tradition, especially when it comes to the winter holidays, is food.

In the United States, one of the most celebrated winter holidays is Christmas. Candy canes are iconic of Christmas. Here is something interesting you can do with all those canes.

For this recipe for peppermint bark from sophomore Trast Knapmiller, you will need the following ingredients.

  • Two cups of chocolate chips. You can use dark or milk, depending on your preference.

  • Two cups of white chocolate chips.

  • Eight candy canes of the same length length.

  1. First, process the canes in a food processor or smash them. I found that a jewelry hammer does the job wonderfully, but first, make sure you put the canes in bag before taking the hammer to it. Have a cookie tray wrapped in foil or a stick resistant tray ready.

  1. Pour all of the dark or milk chocolate into a microwave safe bowl and melt them in the microwave oven. I found the chips should be melted slowly at about 40 percent power. Keep an eye on them and, very importantly, stir them thoroughly a few times throughout, or they will burn.

  1. Use a spatula or other utensil to spread the molten chocolate in the tray. Sprinkle about half of the crushed candy cane into the chocolate and refrigerate.

  1. While this first layer is solidifying, melt the white chocolate as before.

  1. Remove the first layer from refrigeration and spread the white chocolate over it. Add the remainder of the candy to the second layer and return to the refrigerator. Once the second layer is solid, the peppermint bark is ready to eat. You may also wish to add some extra flavors. Nutmeg or almonds may be something to try, if you enjoy them, or you could think of whatever other spices you may like.