Top 5 apps for the new school year

By Timothy Smirnov


With the new school year coming in full swing. It is important not to get discouraged as the days seem to drag on.  These five apps, can help you stay focused and ready to make sure the school year is a good one.

Pocket is an application for storing anything from links, photos and over 300 apps connect to the app for better organization. Pocket could be used to get organized store links and photos for a personal or school project.

Google Drive was originally just a free online office suite offered by Google. It has now transformed into a online storage center for all your documents. It has also kept all of the word processing tools, so students who do not have Microsoft Word at home can use a variety of Google’s webapps to get projects and homework assignments done.

Khan Academy is an online tool used to help students with their schooling. The Khan App now gives students access to their entire online database on their smartphones with topics like biology, trigonometry, history and more, a confused student is sure to find help with this app.

Flipboard is the perfect app for gathering all your news sources into one place. Use Flipboard to curate photoessays and articles about your favorite topics in a beautiful, seamless app.

Wunderlist is the perfect to-do list app for managing all your priorities. Have all your to-do notes in one beautifully designed app. The Wunderlist app syncs with both an online and desktop version (Windows and OS X) to give you seamless access to better organization.