Sing through the summer with these upcoming tours


Ronald Woan from Wikimedia Commons

Taylor Swift on stage in Arlington, Texas, on April 6 during her Eras tour. Swift’s tour is one of the hottest around, with tickets costing thousands of dollars. She is one of many concerts students could be seeing this summer.

As the days get warmer and school is out, teenagers start to wonder about their plans during their summer break. With no shortage of line-ups for concerts over the next few months, this list is here to provide a bit of musical inspiration. Be sure to save these dates for when you’re kicking back in a lawn chair and looking for something to do!


Bebe Rexha’s “Best F’n Night of My Life” Tour

Named after her song collaboration with David Guetta, Bebe Rexha’s newest tour will feature her in different parts of North America from May to July. Featuring singer-songwriter Zolita for several of her performances, Rexha will visit states such as Connecticut, Canada, New York and Texas before finishing in Los Angeles. The setlist will include songs such as “Seasons,” “Satellite” and “In The Name of Love.”

Prices and availability for standard tickets vary and range from $39.50 to more than $100 based on location. If you end up attending one of her concerts, it’s bound to be one of your most memorable nights. She will be in LA on June 30 and July 1, both days at the Wiltern. 


Alicia Keys’ “Keys to the Summer” Tour

Starting the summer off with a bang, Alicia Keys will be touring North America from June 28 to Aug. 2. “Keys to the Summer” will feature Keys in Florida, Illinois, Michigan and more before ending the last two performances in California. The setlist will feature songs such as “Girl On Fire”, “Fallin’” and “Like You’ll Never See Me Again.”

Prices and availability for standard tickets vary and range from $53 to over $200 based on location. For any “Superwoman” fans, this event might be the key to a brag-worthy summer. She will be only in LA for a day, Aug. 2 in Inglewood so hurry while there’s still time!


Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” 

With each concert lasting three hours and featuring flashy, techno displays, Swift’s popularity is only continuing to climb. She will be touring North America from March 17 to Aug 9. The tour is meant to bound off all her prior eras as a musician, honoring her prior albums and celebrating her new one, “Midnights.” This tour includes albums released during the COVID-19 pandemic as well, including songs from previous albums like “Lover” and “Folklore.” 

Ticket selling has been through the rough regarding “The Eras Tour” and the number sold only continues to climb, with many locations now being sold out. Due to the high demand but limited supply, price gouging is only climbing, with the average ticket’s cost now going for around $3,000 and VIP seating going for up to $13,000. She will be performing in LA at SoFi stadium on Aug. 3-5 and 8-9. 


Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour”

Following the release of her newest album, “Renaissance”, Beyoncé will be touring across Europe and North America from now until the end of September. The “world tour” features her in San Francisco, Detroit, Las Vegas and many more before ending her tour in New Orleans on Sept. 27. The setlist for such a powerful tour includes songs like “Run the World (Girls),” “Crazy in Love” and fittingly, “Summer Renaissance.”

Prices and availability for standard tickets vary and range starting at $200 and scaling upwards of $700. If you get the chance to see her perform, it’s certain you’ll leave the event wearing a halo of excitement.


Ed Sheeran’s “Mathematics” Tour

Kicking off the release of his new album “-” (or Subtract), Ed Sheeran is touring North America from June to September. Sheeran will perform at major stadiums in states such as Ontario, Michigan, Illinois and Washington before rounding out the last month of the tour in California. The set list will include songs from previous albums of his – namely “+”, “÷”, “x” and “=” – alongside new releases from Subtract, hence the title “Mathematics.” 

Prices and availability for standard tickets vary by location and average from $97 to $175 depending on seating. For any major Ed Sheeran fan, this tour is sure to add up to a fun time. He will be in Los Angeles (LA) from Sept. 22-24, with the first concert being held in Shrine Auditorium and the others in SoFi Stadium.


That concludes this summer concert list. I hope this helps you make the summer of 2023 one of the best ones to come and have a nice break.

Opinion Editor Satenik Ayrapetyan contributed to this article.