Class of 2021 sign senior contract to ensure student responsibility

Emily Flores

As the new school year starts, seniors signed a senior contract that details the rules set for them during their last year of high school. If any senior breaks a rule stated in the contract, they will not graduate on stage with their classmates. 

The purpose of the senior contract is to ensure that students assume responsibility. This contract, which is similar to senior contracts at other Los Angeles Unified School District high schools, will show that seniors can take accountability for their actions, and it will show colleges that they are ready to succeed in higher-level education.

“I don’t think they have a choice. If they do not sign the contract, they are not able to participate in senior activities,” Magnet Coordinator Leah Pevar said. “But really… It will be up to the administration to follow through with maintaining the records.” 

Seniors Kelly Stewart and Stephanie Ortega think the contract is necessary because they want to succeed, graduate on stage and go to a great university.

“I do think (the senior contract) is necessary because we need some rules even though it’s our last year,” Stewart said. “After all, if we didn’t have the contract this year, it would be too chaotic for some of us.”

Seniors have many activities to look forward to this year, especially graduation. They have the responsibility for setting a standard of behavior on campus and at school events. To ensure this year is a great one, seniors must understand the school rules, expectations, and the consequences of not following them. Senior Ariel Davila thinks it isn’t necessary to have the senior contract because it sets rigid rules that students have to follow. 

“I think it’s good and not good because you have to obey it,” Davila said. “It’s good because you can do senior activities. It’s not good because if you did something wrong, it’s like the law if you broke the contract.” 

As stated in the contract, for seniors to graduate, they must attend all of their classes every day on time and be respectful to the staff during their last year of high school. 

“We need to be treated like adults because we are heading to college, so we need to be careful not to fool around like before,” Ortega said. “Most students wouldn’t follow the rules since they are used to messing around.”