Despite difficult times publication staff continues to produce content


New Media Editor Christopher Sarenana edits a video for the website. The rest of the publication staff continues to produce content as well.

With two months of distance learning and in quarantine, the staff from our publication and yearbook have gone out of their way to ensure that quality work is still being published and kept up to date despite these difficult circumstances.

As a publication, it is difficult to work on important stories while practicing social distancing and quarantining on top of balancing online learning. We can no longer work on a magazine but that does not stop us as we constantly are working on our online site and covering stories tirelessly during these confusing and difficult times. 

Prestige Yearbook had a very challenging time during the transition from school to home as it was even more difficult to produce stories or obtain photos when there is no school and students are in their own homes throughout the city. However, with their hard work and dedication, they made it to their final deadline in one piece and against all odds. 

There was a ton of work needed as there was so much changing so fast. They started March 16, the first day of distance learning, meeting on Zoom to discuss their plan of action. And they worked through spring break to ensure the book is delivered before the end of the school year. Sports were canceled so the staff had to quickly improvise to fill those gaps. Students had to take equipment home such as laptops, desktops, and cameras to ensure that work was being done. Editors had to also work diligently to make sure they covered the pandemic so that the yearbook accurately reflected the remainder of the school year.

As student journalists, we don’t experience days off like our peers. Quarantine does not stop us from publishing stories and sharing the stories heard around our world. Though we are from a small school with a tiny population, the stories from our peers and staff are just as loud and prominent as ever. A pandemic is where journalism really comes through and proves its importance to the people yet again. We are still here and we are still working through the difficult circumstances and obstacles. We are still as active and busy as ever in the world of student journalism.

Throughout all this, we still produce videos and still work with our peers and other students to get their stories heard as there is so much going on. Our staff is always committed to bringing the best and most relative information to ensure that the public is well informed as well as bring in light-hearted and entertainment stories during an ever-changing and historic period.