Coronavirus outbreak brings media panic


The coronavirus outbreak brought rapid media attention that many people may panic

Evan Gleason

Coronavirus has now infected 246,000 people worldwide since late December, causing people to become paranoid and stock up on important supplies others many need. 

The coronavirus has been blown way out of proportion with people starting to overbuy supplies such as water, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and more from such stores at Costco. Media outlets have also been doing a terrible job by not telling all the information given about the virus. They have left out important information like 37% of the people who have the virus have recovered. False information also being spread has had a major part in bringing panic to most people. Some of the media outlets have said that the Chinese or the American government released the virus, or that mask will fully protect you against it.

With the coronavirus having 700 confirmed cases in California, this has caused Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency. He has also called for restaurants to close dine-in customers, along with movie theaters and gyms to close. Now since more people are being recommended to stay inside, this is now causing even more panic and raiding of supplies. This can now cause people who may actually need those resources to have a more difficult time buying basic necessities to help care for themselves if they are quarantined or sick. It is an outrage to see people being so paranoid because of a virus that does spread quickly but doesn’t kill an average healthy citizen. They are now causing more trouble than the virus itself by acting irrationally instead of properly informing themselves on the virus.

 Schools around the world have been majorly impacted, as some in Washington, Oregon, New York, Rhode Island, and 15 colleges and universities are being shut down temporarily in order to prevent the spreading of the virus. Also, the four biggest school districts in California, Los Angeles Unified, San Diego Unified, Fresno Unified, and Long Beach Unified, have also all decided to shut down temporarily to try and prevent the spread of the virus. A school in San Francisco has also been shut down because one of the parents of a student was exposed to the virus. Now because of the shut down of schools, more than 1,000,000 students across California alone will be temporarily at home doing alternative work or taking online classes. Schools that haven’t come in any contact with the virus are overreacting, causing some kids to potentially go hungry if they rely on school meals or are going to have to go to Grab and Go Food Centers. Kids are also the least affected by the virus because very few children under the age of 15 have been diagnosed with it. People need to be worried about the elderly rather than the youth because the elderly will be affected the most. 

The death rate for the virus has also been blown way out of proportion. Only  3.4% of people who contracted the virus have died. But it’s estimated to have a  2% kill rate with 81% of people having the virus having very mild symptoms. There are only 14% of the people with the virus being in severe conditions and 5% in critical condition. The virus also appears to be more deadly to adults with other conditions according to Dr. Juthani who works in medicine at Indiana University Medical Center.

 There have been some media outlets that have been spreading correct information about the coronavirus. The CDC and other health organizations have taken a calm and orderly way to let people know that the virus has been spread over 100 countries and how people are getting affected by it.

The coronavirus is something that has a major effect on everyone, causing people to overreact and panic. This is an outrage and people need to do research on the virus so they don’t potentially take mass amounts of food, water, or other basic necessities a family, sick people or some elderly people may need.