Honoring Principal Smith’s work at DPMHS

Cynthia Barry

As Principal Smith retires at the end of this school year, I just want to take this opportunity to honor and thank her for everything she has done for those in the Daniel Pearl Magnet High School community.  It is bittersweet to wish her farewell, as she, undoubtedly, will be missed. During my four years here, I have been extremely fortunate to learn from her guidance and leadership.


P is for her professionalism.  

R is for her realistic outlook and for being a positive role model for us all.

I is for being an integral part of our school and community, not afraid to even eat crickets with the students.

N is for being a nonconformist, as her out of the box thinking and creativity has not gone underappreciated.
C is for the countless hours spent to support students, parents, faculty, and staff at our school, much of it behind the scenes and some of it more obvious.

I is for finding creative interventions when necessary.

P is for her positivity.

A is for analytically approaching dilemmas, whether big or small.

L is for her incredible leadership.


S is for her endless support and her crazy socks.

M is for being a mediator (but also for Mammoth because it just has to be here when talking about Principal Smith).

I  is for being an inspiration to so many.

T is for her tenacity, as in her determination and dedication to encouraging individuals to constantly reach toward their full potential.

H is for her honesty and humbleness.