Newest snapchat update causes massive outrage

Angel Van Horn

Screenshot by Angel Van Horn
The new Snapchat update has brought disappointment to lots of longtime users.

The beloved photo-sharing social media app Snapchat was once a popular outlet for anyone to send and receive photos and start streaks with friends, until its recent update.

The despised update took over the app around Jan. 10 and received a reaction that was not expected. Users were angry after finding out that Snapchat stories play themselves back to back and there is not separation between streaks and general stories. The old version of Snapchat had three separate pages. One for streaks, camera and stories. The new update diminished that to two pages, canceling out the page for stories.

“I have to look at tips and tricks on Youtube. It took me long enough to get used to the normal update and then they just switched up on me,” senior Alana Cush said.

Once Snapchat updated itself, Kylie Jenner predicted the end of Snapchat. The new mother withdrew from the popular social media app ever since the birth of her daughter Stormi. Because of her declaration of Snapchat being dead, fans and followers have also boycotted the app. Snapchats stocks decreased by 13 percent.

The angering update has caused social media users to petition to “bring snapchat back,” which has collected nearly 25,000 signatures. Snapchat may be showing mercy to its users and bringing back the original page for stories, but is otherwise keeping the majority of the update.

“If I could change one thing about the update it would be the stories. It’s hard to keep up with them because it’s so easy to miss something,” junior Judith Ntere said.