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Editorial: Nightmares come true with end of DACA

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DREAMers were wide awake after the Trump administration announced plans to terminate DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Established in 2012 through executive action by the Obama Administration, DACA was intended to provide a solution to young children coming to the United States without proper documentation (called DREAMers) and to protect those who were already here. In order to qualify, undocumented immigrants must meet certain criteria such as being under 16 when they first arrived and not having a criminal background.

Although DACA doesn’t provide permanent citizenship, it allows DREAMers to obtain a driver’s license, Social Security number and many other opportunities to lead a normal life. Most importantly, it helped to appease an undocumented immigrant’s biggest fear: deportation.

Now, the limited security provided to them has been completely upended due to President Donald Trump’s decision to end it by March 5th of next year. Regardless of his intentions or motives, Trump is essentially cutting off thousands of people from the only program that gave them an opportunity to pursue a better life.

DREAMers are by no means criminals and it is in no way just to treat them that way. This group consist of students, teachers, and various others with hopes and dreams, so much like any other citizen.

Despite the angry backlash from countless people, Trump shows no signs of backing down, and it is truly concerning.

Not only does the repeal of DACA raise uncertainty for over 800,000 undocumented immigrants relying on the program, it also raises multiple red flags for whom we elected as president.

How can someone whose main responsibility is to listen to the people turn a blind eye toward all the protest and discontent revolving around ending the program? Isn’t this person, our elected president, at least supposed to help pacify the discontent by proposing a compromise or replacement for the program?

We think so. As time is ticking, Trump still hasn’t arrived to a consensus on a suitable replacement for DACA, and the fate of thousands of people lie in his careless hands.

The leader of our country should embrace the diversity among his people and do all he can to support it. Trump is essentially creating a nightmare for the Dreamers, and it needs to end.

We can’t just sit back as Trump sacrifices the well-being and protection of our friends, loved ones and numerous others and makes them feel criminal and unwanted. As a nation, we must unite if we want to uphold the values and opportunities we have come to embrace as fundamental rights.


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The student news site of Daniel Pearl Magnet High School in Lake Balboa, CA
Editorial: Nightmares come true with end of DACA