Energy drinks don’t affect me negatively

Brandon Gilden

Research is constantly being conduct- ed for why or why not energy drinks (Monster, Redbull, etc.) are good for you and the majority of the research is against these power drinks.

As a consumer of energy drinks myself, I can’t think of a serious enough reason to stop drinking them. I drink about three a week and started so I could be more alert in school.

Although there are countless studies out there for why people shouldn’t drink these beverages, it doesn’t harm those who drink it safely. Side effects of energy drinks include shaking, gastrointestinal upset, dizziness, chest pain, etc. People with heart conditions should be cautious with drinking too many of these drinks as it could adversely affect you.

The average energy drink contains 28 grams of sugar and about 115 calories per 8 fl ounces. On top of that, it contains an average of about 32 carbs.

Being a constant Monster consumer for four years, I haven’t endured any negative effects from this drink and enjoy the extra energy it gives me in the morning. If you drink energy drinks and enjoy the effects, don’t stop drinking it if it’s not harm- ing you and if you’d like an extra boost for your day.

With all these negative reviews being dispersed to the public, it doesn’t change my view on how I feel about energy beverages. They wake me up and give me more energy than coffee so I will continue consuming these products.