Athlete of the Month: Water Polo player Rosemary Vazquez

Kyrah Hunter

Athlete of the month Rosemary Vazquez demonstrates her cool personality off the water polo pool.
Jake Dobbs
Athlete of the month Rosemary Vazquez demonstrates her cool personality out of the water polo pool.

The official blows the whistle and swimmers frantically splash their limbs in chase of the ball.

Vazquez, a junior,  is the only girl that has been on the girls water polo since 2011.  Vazquez has an extensive experience in the pool so she decided to try something new without leaving the water. She admits that it was hard to get used to the aggressive playstyle of water polo and figuring out all the lingo.  Also, having to learn how to keep her head above water, but overall is proud of herself for persevering.

“I wanted to play two sports and I might as well stay in the water,” junior Vazquez said.

The 6-foot athlete has no shame in admitting she spends most of her time with her grandma. Vazquez also enjoys spending time with friends, doing community service and watching movies. Vazquez is known to be an open, friendly, out-going person around campus but can only say that her grandmother is her inspiration.

“My grandma inspires me to do better. Whenever I wanna give up, she tells me to keep going and motivates me,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez decided to play water polo last year during the 2014 spring swim season. The water polo and swim teams share the pool which meant  Vazquez had the opportunity to watch the girls practice sparking interest in the sport. Water Polo begins in fall and continues into the winter, ending at the beginning of swim season, giving Vazquez the perfect time loop.

Freshman Meghann Blake a friend of Vazquez and could be easily mistaken as sisters. Blake herself has played water polo and shares sentiment in saying the sport is challenging.

“(Water polo) It’s a lot of fun,” Blake said. “I see Rosemary as a strong individual. She’s collected and confident.”