Consumer Electronics Show targets teens with new technology

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Brandon Gilden

Technology is taking over this generation with newer and better things coming out each year, and many of these tech companies are targeting teens.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was held from Jan. 6 to the 9. Here are the top five new tech gad- gets for teens.

Apple Watch– The Apple Watch is the newest device by Apple. Although it was talked about back when the release of the new iPhone was set to hit shelves, the company finally has a general release date. The watch will be in stores starting sometime in April and will be $349 for the lowest-end watch. Different models include the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. This device is similar to the one Samsung released back in September of 2013 except this one is purely for the iPhone.

Photo from The PonoPlayer offers a new way to listen to your music
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The PonoPlayer offers a new way to listen to your music

4K Blu-RayPanasonic is going to try to revolutionize the Blu-Ray player all together by making it a 4K version. 4K is currently the top quality that one can get for a viewing experience and is expected to be available sometime during summer of this year. This would make it a tough decision as to whether or not you should go to the movies or stay home and enjoy crystal clear quality. No price is currently available.

PonoPlayer– The PonoPlayer, similar to an iPod, is a high quality music player that holds 128 gigabytes of storage. It has three sides, kind of like a triangle, and is priced at about $400.

The way it is designed is supposed to help the battery life severely but the screen itself is only a mere five inches high by two inches wide but is a touch- screen device. It is set to hit stores this month.

Polaroid Zip– The Polaroid Zip, believe it or not, is a printer that you use for your smartphone. For only $130, it connects via bluetooth to your iOS or Android device and prints 2×3 inch images. No ink is required as it uses special paper contain- ing dye crystals to make it more resourceful. The Polaroid Zip is set to hit markets this spring.

Quell– Using Electrical Nerve Stimulation technology, Quell releases electrical pulses to your nerves that signal your brain to release pain-relieving opioids. Quell tracks battery life, as well as your sleep for now, but more features are sure to be added in the future. It will be available this spring for $250 and will require new electronic strips for an additional $30 per month.