Movie Review: ‘The Interview’ a comedy against censorship

Irene Feher

The comedy “The Interview” has America laughing about the satire humor of dictator Kim Jong-un. While deeply insulting North Korea, the movie was pulled from screening in theaters.

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“The Interview” touches on the North Korean law that bans foreign entertainment. Photo from

James Franco and Seth Rogen star as two American TV journalists, Dave Skylark and Aaron Rapoport, who host and produce the hit show “Skylark Tonight.” Skylark has an idea to interview Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea, for their show after hearing he was a fan of the show. As Skylark and Rapoport fly to Pyongyang for the interview, the CIA gives them one mission: to assassinate the supreme leader.

The duo compliment each other with their personalities. Rapoport is the brains behind the team and Skylark is the jokester, which makes the mission for the assassination hilarious.

Kim Jong-un was represented as an evil dictator who only cared about his nuclear weapons and neglected his own people. This was received as offensive to North Korea.

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After Sony’s hacking, President Obama sanctioned North Korea for believing them to be the source. Photo from

“The Interview” was released in select theatres on Christmas Day. Cyber attackers threatened both the movie and Sony with violence and hacking soon after the movie was released. Large theater chains chose not to screen the movie. Over 200 independently-owned theatres decided for the film to be shown, causing limited theater showings. Sony lost millions in profit.

North Korea also criticized President Barack Obama for the release of the film and blamed the U.S. for the shutdown of their internet on Dec. 22.

The movie is available to watch on Netflix to subscribers. It is also available on Google Play and Amazon Prime.

You may ask, was the movie really worth it? Maybe. For the laughs from the satire humor. But maybe is wasn’t worth the risk because America’s freedom of expression may be in danger from the threats of cyber hackers.