Video game preview: ‘Silent Hills’ successfully scares

Kyrah Hunter

The “Silent Hill” franchise is known for its pant-soiling games that leave you in complete distress.  The new game intends to set a new level for gaming.

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The playable teaser, PT, was released Aug. 12 of last year while the entire game is dated to be released on the Halloween of next year . The first-person game is different from traditional “Silent Hill” games which are in third-person. The sudden change may be justified on many new horror games being in first-person, such as popular “Five Nights at Freddy’s” or “Amnesia.”

The project comes from Kojima Productions Fox Engine with Hideo Kojima, creator of the “Metal Gear” series, hosting the project. Director Guillermo Del Toro, who also directed the foreign horror film, “Pan’s Labyrinth,” and both of the “Hellboy” movies, also contributed to the project. With both Kojima and Del Toro at the wheel, gamers prepare themselves for the most terrifying game of the “Silent Hill” franchise.

Inside the PT, the player walks through an abandoned house that has been struck with tragedy. You start out in a bare room with only one door. Outside that door lies unspeakable horrors of the supernatural. Your sole objective is to survive the inevitable.

For “Walking Dead” fans, Norman Reedus will be starring in as the main protagonist. From the looks of the graphics in the PT and the masters of fear at hand, “Silent Hills” is destined to be a state-of-the-art game. Along with recent leaks what will be in the game, Del Toro admits the game will also be open-world, meaning more free range for gamers.

“Silent Hills” has set the bar high for any other horror game, seeing that its almost realistic graphics and unpredictable jumps scare. Every gamer may have to mentally prepare themselves or sleep with their eyes open.