Science teacher leaves after year and a half

Tahra Hunter

After a year and a half of teaching here, science teacher Mabel Wong is transferring to another school where she will teach full time.

Wong is leaving her part-time position at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School at the end of the 2014 fall semester and will not be replaced with a new science teacher. Science teachers James Morrison and Stephen Schaffter will absorb Wong’s science students.

Science Teacher Mabel Wong.
Science Teacher Mabel Wong.

The primary reason for her decision to leave is the distance from the school to her home. Wong drives 40 minutes to and from work each day, leaving her with less time at home with her family than she enjoys.

In addition to the far distance, her son is starting his first year of kindergarten. She wants to be closer in case of an emergency, preferring to be eight minutes away at her new campus rather than 40 minutes away at DPMHS in the worst case scenario.

Wong is transferring to John Marshall High School located in the Los Feliz area.

Sophomore Alexis Matitu says that she’ll miss the projects Wong assigned, saying they were very enjoyable.

“I will miss her because I’ve had her for two years and it would be weird to see her leave,” Matitu said.

Wong said that she will miss DPMHS, the students, the teachers, especially the science department and Principal Deb Smith, dubbing her as “passionate” and “productive.”

“I love that the legacy of DPMHS has the power to provoke deep reflection about human nature.  We have the potential to use our powers for dark or light, and everything in between,” Wong said in her departure statement. “I want all of our students to consider the impact of every decision, and what that means down the road.  And I hope that means that every one of us chooses to do what will bring us peace with others, a lighter footprint on the earth, purpose, and rich, fulfilling lives.”