“Five Every Day” lets users explore hidden side of Los Angeles


Every day, five new locations or activities are revealed to app users for them to explore and enjoy.

Natalie Moore

Don’t let Friday night boredom take over. Download Five Every Day, an app which showcases five different interesting or unique things to do in LA every day, hence the name.

Los Angeles based couple Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt, members of pop band Y.A.C.H.T., took a break from music to design a line of sunglasses, and “to fill their own need for a no-nonsense event calendar and exploration engine,” according to their website, 5everyday.com.

The free app is updated daily, and includes an artsy activity, an exploration (such as a secret hiking trail), a place to eat, a music venue or concert and a “wildcard” for some things that just don’t fit in any of the other categories.

Five Every Day is simple to navigate, however it provides all the necessary information to easily have a night on the town. Each activity comes with the time, price and location. By clicking on the item it gives you a witty description and a link to the website.

Lizzie Fitch & Ryan Trecartin, a spanish sculptural theater, The Paley Center, a library of digital clips, Dinner with a Ghost, a seven-course meal with a spooky twist, the Dub Club, a beer stained dance club (not for under 21) and Peckinpah & McQueen, a back to back feature of Steve McQueen is what’s on the “to-do” list.

However, there’s no archive, so once the day is over, past activities can’t be found again. You can find Five Every Day on the App Store, and for Android, you can bookmark the mobile friendly webpage, 5everyday.la, while Y.A.C.H.T continues working on the app.