Opinion: Why teens should go to the theatre

Rebekah Spector

Going to the theatre is my favorite pastime.

"Wicked" adds a twist to the classic tale of "Wizard of Oz." Photo from wickedthemusical.com
“Wicked” adds a twist to the classic tale of “Wizard of Oz.” Photo from wickedthemusical.com

There’s nothing more overwhelming than the feeling when the music starts and the performance begins. My heart often skips a beat and sometimes I am moved to tears.

However, many of my peers don’t share this same sentiment as me. Some people seem to think that theatre is directed to an older audience because it’s marketed more toward them. Others say that theatre is too expensive and difficult to get to.


Though these points are valid they are by no means excuses to not partake in live theatre.

Theatre is for all ages. However, certain productions are encouraged for an older audience, like “Avenue Q.” Others cater to a younger one, like “Lion King,” “Wicked” and “Pippin.”

While some seats in a theatre may be quite costly, one can get a good seat and enjoy a show at a reasonable price.

Photo from hollywoodpantages.com
Photo from hollywoodpantages.com

The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, for example, offers their patrons an opportunity to enter a pre-show lottery to see a current production. Those interested must get to the theatre two-and-a-half hours before the show begins to enter their name on a ticket. Only a limited number of tickets are available and you must be present to win seats. These tickets cost $25 cash and you must have a valid ID to claim them.

The Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles offers students ages 13-23 the chance to see various productions with specially-priced tickets that start at $20. In addition to seeing a performance, signing up for this program also provides you with free opportunities for workshops, leadership programs and performance opportunities.

Cheaper tickets can also be found in Goldstar, LivingSocial and Groupon.

For people who have difficulty driving to a theatre, the Metro Red Line’s stop at Hollywood and Vine lets off right in front of the Pantages. The Civic Center and Grand Park station for the Metro Red and Purple lines conveniently drops off about two blocks from the Ahmanson.

For people who want to stay closer to home, there are some amazing theatres located in North Hollywood. These theatres include El Portal and The Road Theater Company.

This season’s shows at the Pantages will include “Wicked” from December 10 to March 15, “Newsies” from March 24 to April 19,Motown” from April 28 to June 7 and “The Phantom of the Opera” from June 11 to Aug. 2.

The Ahmanson will host “Cinderella” from March 17 to April 26,as well as “Matilda the Musical” from May 29 to June 12.