Athlete of the Month: Golf Player Kaliana Marin

Saba Mahmoudi

Junior Kaliana Marin smiles proudly after a great first season.
Dion Mazor
Junior Kaliana Marin smiles proudly after a great first season.

After playing tennis and participating in cross country during her freshmen year, junior Kaliana Marin decided to join the Birmingham Community Charter High School girls golf team.

Marin played tennis since childhood but stopped because her dad’s work schedule making it difficult to play with her. Tennis is not the only sport she has participated in she joined cross country to escape a required physical education class.

She also enjoys horseback-riding. In fact, she owns her own horse.

Marin used to hangout in a tennis court that her sister used to work in and occasionally played with people who came in because she had no one else to play with.

“My sister Katie influenced me in playing golf around three years ago,” Marin said.

Marin chose to play golf this year because of her scoliosis. Golf was one of the sports that puts the least pressure on her back. Marin’s back condition was the reason she was not able to continue with cross country in the first place.

As a first-time competitive golf player,  she felt fine and confident stepping onto the golf course ready to have fun and win.

So far this season, the golf team has played three games. Unlike some other sports, golf does summer practice but the team practices every day except  Tuesdays during sixth period.

Marin is a student who enjoys playing and experiencing new activities as much as she enjoys hanging out on the couch with her best friend watching the latest episode of her favorite TV shows all day long.

“If I had to choose another activity to try, I would choose archery. I have tried it once before in Oregon and I liked it,” Marin said. “It can be painful. I had a huge bruise on my arm the day after but it was fun.”