Track and field ends with the incoming of summer

Junior Vanessa Barajas, sophomore Marcelina Vergara and freshman Micayla Rendon run in solitude during practice at Birmingham’s track field. Photo by Angelo Marmol
Junior Vanessa Barajas, sophomore Marcelina Vergara and freshman Micayla Rendon run together as friends during practice at Birmingham’s track field. Note: Vergara is part of ThePearlPost Staff.
Photo by Angelo Marmol


As the track and field season comes to an end runners are getting ready for a relaxing summer but as summer approaches so does the hardship of cross country.

The Birmingham Community Charter High School track team has had an excellent season to this point. This is thanks in large part to Daniel Pearl Magnet High School athletes contributing greatly to the team.

“So far, the season has been going extremely well,” junior Kimberly Salazar said.

DPMHS students have been running for the team for a while and they have all polished their abilities since starting.

“I’ve improved a lot since last season,” Salazar said, “I’ve built more endurance mainly through living healthier.”

The season isn’t entirely perfect, however. Vanessa Barajas, while a great runner, has unfinished business to which she claims she needs to complete.

“The season hasn’t been going as I expected. I haven’t beaten my personal record yet,” Barajas said. “I got very close, but I haven’t done it. I seriously plan to improve my time for next season.”

Next season, the Patriots have a lot of good things in store with Salazar, Barajas, and other DPMHS students running for them. Given their dedication and supreme ambition, the future looks bright for track and field team.

“This summer, I plan on working very hard to eventually break my record time,” Barajas said.

School is ending along with their season. However, summer practice is preparing them for their transition into their fall sport, cross country.

“I plan on being a better runner by the time cross country season comes around,” Salazar said.