Movie Review: "Ender's Game" does intergalactic warfare justice


Asa Butterfield (left) and Harrison Ford's (right) performance make "Enders Game" believable with intergalactic warfare. Photo by
Asa Butterfield (left) and Harrison Ford’s (right) performance make “Enders Game” a believable sci-fi film involving intergalactic warfare.
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For those who are afraid that they have missed this year’s greatest sci-fi films, and feel that they have only silly fantasies to look forward to, fear not. For one sci-fi film, “Ender’s Game,” has its own claims to fame.

 Directed by Gavin Hood, this sci-fi film includes solid performances by rising Hollywood actors, making this movie worth watching. Asa Butterfield, from “Hugo” and “The Boy with the Striped Pajamas,” portrays the brilliant and occasionally ruthless, Ender Wiggin. Hailee Steinfeld, known for her Oscar nomination in “True Grit,” portrays Ender’s fellow cadet and mentor, Petra Arkanian.

Faithful to the 1985 bestseller, “Ender’s Game” has managed to condense the 384-page novel into two hours of intense, action packed scenes of intergalactic battles. The movie allows for few feel-good moments as the entire world seems preoccupied in defeating the enemy.

In life we are taught to “work hard” to “achieve our goals,” much like how Ender is trained to “work hard” to defeat the enemy. But as Ender finds himself conflicted over his duty to protect Earth and his belief that the enemy wanted to communicate with him, Ender begins to question his definition of the truth. “Ender’s Game” raises an important but often overlooked question: Who is the real enemy?