Esteemed longtime custodian departs from DPMHS

Custodian Juan Amezcua is promoted to plant manager at Glenwood Elementary School.

Jason Arevalo

Custodian Juan Amezcua, who has been working at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS) since November 2015, is being promoted to plant manager at Glenwood Elementary School in Sun Valley starting Feb. 3. 

“My experience here has been great,” said Amezcua, who worked the afternoon and night shift at this school. “I think what I am going to miss most is the old planes flying up ahead.” 

Through dedication, hard work and commitment, Amezcua won district employee of the year in May 2018. He was also recognized as an “Everyday Hero” in March 2018, three years after joining the district in 2015. After achieving his promotion, Amezcua still has more goals that he wants to achieve. 

“My goal for the future is to promote myself as far as I can,” Amezcua said.

At first, Amezcua got lost on this campus because of its layout and he still gets lost to this day. Amezcua feels a solid connection to the school and all of the students. His favorite memories are seeing students go from freshmen to seniors. The school makes Amezcua feel like a family because of its small size and everyone was able to get to know him. 

“I love history, so with the school being a hospital back in the late 30s or early 40s for veterans, I felt connected to that history,” Amezcua said.

Amezcua has many talents and hobbies. He enjoys photography and spent his last day at DPMHS taking photos with his Mamiya C220 twin lens camera. Another one of his hobbies is learning about history, including that of DPMHS. 

Amezcua looks at the school not only as a job but as if the school was his own. He has made sure the school shines. 

“Juan goes above and beyond for this school,” Principal Armen Petrossian said. “Juan does everything for this school.”

Amezcua is excited to experience a different school, faculty and students. While he is excited about his new position, he is grateful for all the connections made. Students and faculty at DPMHS are sad to see him leave but the school is proud to have had Amezcua as one of its custodians.

“I am going to miss everything about Juan,” Petrossian said. “Juan is dedicated to this school. He takes ownership of this school.”