Athlete of the Month: Fayton Guzman dribbles into her senior year of basketball

Maor Segalovich

Every month, we recognize two student athletes, one from a boys team and another from a girls team, for their performance on the field. This month we recognize Kennedy Fayton Guzman.

Senior Fayton Guzman has been playing high school basketball since 9th grade. As she enters her final high school season she plans to stay consistent and have fun.

Question: What made you start playing basketball?

Answer: I was quite into sports at a young age. I played multiple sports like soccer but I liked basketball the most.

Q: What aspect of basketball are you best at? What position do you play?

A: I’m best on the defensive side. I contribute to the team through defense and I play point guard sometimes.

Q: How does playing basketball affect your high school experience?

A: It takes a lot of my time. Coaches expect us to do both sports and academics. I usually try putting academics first.

Q: What does it take to make it to varsity?

A: To make varsity you have to put in a lot of hard work and show the coach that you care. You have to be committed to the sport to make it far.

Q: What is the hardest part of being a basketball player?

A: The hardest part is definitely staying consistent by pushing through and remembering why you are there.

Q: When you started high school, were you expecting to play at the varsity level?

A: No, I did not think I would play basketball because I played for fun but I ended up making it.

Q: Do you plan on continuing basketball after high school?

A: To be honest no, I feel like basketball is going to end for me after high school. I’ll probably play for fun but the college level is not for me.

Q:  What was your most memorable moment of high school basketball? 

A: Last year winning the championship because we haven’t gotten a championship in a long time and winning and bringing home the championship was just a great feeling.