Jacklyne Gomez

The recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas was a disgusting, violent act.

“I am really disgusted by this”

May 31, 2022

I think the Texas school shooting is horrible and I am really disgusted by this. They were  just children. Just the fact that they had no idea that was going to happen is so heartbreaking. Thinking that 19 mothers are probably at home going through their children’s belongings and thinking that they are never going to be able to see their little angel again. Their uterus carried the babies for nine months. The children they raised and all their memories and their babies are gone because of some ignorant and reckless male with a gun. The fact that the shooter died just doesn’t feel like those children and the two adults got justice. I think that man should have stayed and rotted in jail like the piece of trash he is. People lost their grandchildren, kids, friends, cousins, nephews and nieces. I am disgusted that our society has made children scared to go to school thinking it might be their last day. Parents are scared to send their children to school terrified because they don’t want to lose their baby.

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