Shark mascot Instagram account brings wholesome laughs


Genesis Cuellar-Figueroa

Junior Jet X Guzman created an Instagram account based on the school shark mascot in hopes of spreading positivity.

Genesis Cuellar-Figueroa

The popular Instagram account @tray.waybae that everyone is talking about isn’t based on a student who attends the school, but a shark plush named Tray, who takes photos all around the campus.

“At first, it was Ms. Helfing’s shark plush,” junior Jet X Guzman said. “Then my friends and I had an idea to create an Instagram account, and then suddenly the Instagram page got pretty big in a day or two. It all just happened like that.”

Guzman is a 16-year-old who was bored and wanted to have fun, make memories and gain a reputation. Guzman had an idea and started an Instagram account based on Daniel Pearl Magnet High School’s shark mascot. He found the idea convenient to make a positive and motivational mascot account for those who attend DPMHS.


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“Our account is very entertaining and inspiring for the school environment,” Guzman said. “The captions were just jokes but now his goal is to be motivational since our school mascot is a shark. We try to keep it positive.”

Guzman longs for his Instagram account to be a memory for the students at DPMHS and even wants his social sciences teacher Brenda Helfing, who owns the shark, to remember it when he is graduating.

“In a couple of years when the shark is back in my teacher’s hands, she’ll probably say ‘oh look he has an Instagram account,’” Guzman said. “Then we’ll have graduated and they’ll look back at the memories.”