Athlete of the Month: After a short sports season last year, Losino adjusts to the regular volleyball season


Jhonny Gonzalez

Sophomore and Varsity Volleyball player, Cheyanne Lossino serves the ball against Cleveland Charter High School.

Draven Lukata

Every month, we recognize two student-athletes, one from a boys team and another from a girls team for their performance on the field.  This month, we recognize Cheyanne Losino, opposite hitter for the Birmingham Community Charter High School Girls Varsity Volleyball team. 

Losino, a sophomore, began playing volleyball in 5th grade and competed for her first time this year as a part of the BCCHS Girls Varsity program. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of the sport?

A: I like going to practice every day and getting to see my teammates. 

Q: How do you feel you did this season?

A: I was glad to make varsity and definitely had to adjust to the new level of play. I definitely improved throughout the season and am excited to see what next year offers. 

Q: How do you feel being back to a regular season?

A: I enjoy the longer, regular season as there were more games, weekend tournaments and opportunities to practice. My freshman year felt short with little time to improve between games so I like being back to normal seasons. 

Q: How did it feel not having a regular season during freshman year?

A: There were definitely challenges with just getting back from almost a year without practicing. The season felt short with little time before games began so my team had little time to adjust and really work on skills. We also had the disadvantage of playing outside, which made many other factors come into play such as heat and wind. It was difficult but my team worked really hard and we made it a fun season.