Enola Holmes, more than Sherlock’s little sister

Netflix Original Film


Netflix Original Film “Enola Holmes” was released on Sept. 23 starring “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Valery Barrera

Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown takes on yet another adventure-filled Netflix film in “Enola Holmes.”

As she transforms into a sophisticated young lady to stay hidden from her brothers Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes,  Enola Holmes is in search of her mother whom she carries a strong connection with. Along the journey, she crosses paths with runaway Lord Tewksbury, played by Louis Partridge (“Medici”). The action packed film was released on Sept. 23.

Set 1884 in England, Holmes adventures off on her 16th birthday. Along her journey, she is left with no choice but to face the obstacles the world throws at her. Figuring out her identity in the process, she strives to be someone more than just Sherlock Holmes’ little sister. 

Having to unscramble many clues, Holmes is persistent with her plan even when it takes a turn. Constantly breaking the fourth wall, Brown creates a fulfilling connection with the audience as to what goes on in Holme’s head. 

Often not needing any sort of introduction, Sherlock, played by Henry Cavil (Superman), is amazed by Enola’s detective skills and sees a lot of himself in his younger sister. Mycroft, played by Sam Claflin (“The Hunger Games”), views her more as the wild child of the three. With no doubt of being a unique family, “Enola Holmes” conveys the message of embracing one’s uniqueness. 

“I think that if young women walk away from this film feeling empowered, thinking that they have a seat at the table, that their voices are going to be heard, then I think then that’s what the film, for me, is all about,” Brown said in an Instagram video she posted.

The remarkable acting, cinematography and even costume design plays out so well in this 123-minute film that it’s a must watch for the whole family to see.