Students develop new hobbies as quarantine continues

Jhonny Gonzalez

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many students at home with plenty of time to enhance their skills and discover new hobbies.

“I play guitar because I enjoy it a lot and I like to challenge myself now that I am a little better with some harder songs,” junior Chris Lorio said.

Students were sent home on March 13 and were forced to stay home by a mandatory stay-at-home order giving them an abundance of leisure time. Days filled with tedious and uneventful hours have made them lose interest in their usual routine, so they decided to make the most of their time and develop new skills for fun. With not being able to leave their homes, many of them had to use the resources they originally had with them and see if they could start a hobby from it. 

“I couldn’t take the boredom anymore, so every day I try writing about how my day went and I’ll get ready and do my makeup even if I’m not going out,” junior Emily Rodas said.

Other students decided to take a different approach and found hobbies that could help maintain or improve their health. Although they were trying it for the first time, many of them found that baking, drawing, or working out helped them relax. They utilize these hobbies to divert their minds from the sadness and chaos that fills their head and they switch those melancholy considerations into happy and serene emotions.

“Meditation and baking are hobbies that I have started to practice because it helps my mental health and has helped me be in the moment as much as I can,”  sophomore Gaby Huizar said. “It makes me feel refreshed, grateful, aware and connected to myself. It fills me with happiness and love for myself.”