Athlete of the Month: Ramelb sprints her way to the finish line

Christopher Sarenana and Maria Ruiz


Christopher Sarenana

Varsity player Cassia Ramelb smiles next to the new banner across the track field which features her jumping across a hurdle. The junior has been hurdling for Birmingham Community Charter High School track and field team for three years and plans to continue to through college.

Maribella Ambrosio

Junior Cassia Ramelb hops and dashes her way through the track to reach the finish line.

Like other student-athletes, Ramelb pushes herself to improve and become a better athlete. She is eager to run in many big leagues and she believes that being a basic track athlete won’t help. She believes that training is the best way to go.

Ramelb trains six days a week. She practices hurdle jumping and sprinting which takes about two hours each day.

When it comes to schoolwork, Ramelb tries to squeeze everything in her schedule, not only for track but also for her education. That also includes other activities that she does outside of the field and school. 

“It’s tricky because when I get home, I have to do something to help my legs, and that takes time apart from doing homework. I try to go to sleep at 9 p.m., but lately, I’ve been having a lot of homework. So, I’ve been going to sleep around 11 p.m.,” Ramelb said. “That gets really stressful and there’s too much on my plate and I just need a break a lot of the time.

Even with how much stress is put upon Ramelb, she finds a way to make her schedule more simple because she recognizes that she can get things done on time and focuses more on what she’s doing.

 Ramelb’s hard work and determination paid off by being eligible to attend the 2020 annual California Winter Championships that was held on Feb. 8 at Arcadia High School. Ramelb participated in last year’s Winter Championships as well, which according to her, the event was much different compared to this year’s Winter Championships.

Ramelb’s top choice is the University of Southern California (USC) to study dermatology and be a part of their track team.

“I want to do track throughout the whole college career that I have. I don’t want to go into a career fully, but if I make it to be a professional, that would be pretty cool,” Ramelb said.

“My truest motivation is myself because I set these expectations for myself, I set these goals for myself; aspirations I want to reach. And I know that to get there, I just have to keep going,” Ramelb said.