Zaragoza accepted into Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program

Shanna Aghasi


Junior Brenda Zaragoza got into the Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program, which aims to get more women into the entertainment industry.

“My sister told me about how it was a really good program,” Zaragoza said. “I mainly joined it because of the scholarship and because I’d have a mentor for a year.” 

On Dec. 11,  she had the opportunity to go to the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where she got to meet Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Having a mentor is a life-changing experience. For Zaragoza, having a mentor is a huge motivation and inspiration to do better and be the best that you can be. Through the program, she received a $10,000 scholarship and a mentor to lead her in the right direction.

“I get to see my mentor, who is a publicist and works with movie directors, actors and producers,” Zaragoza said. “The program picks me up and drops me off at her office in Hollywood and I go there to hang out with her.”

This year, 18 girls were chosen for the program and she was one of them. It was a very rigorous selection system. Essays, videos and interviews were made in order for these girls to be selected.

“I feel like me being chosen is just incredible and my sister was chosen as well the year before is amazing to think about. It’s so great to have gotten into the program I’ve never felt so blessed,” Zaragoza said.