Restaurant Review: La Fogata brings heat to Sherman Oaks


Ivan Moreno

La Fogata is an authentic Mexican restaurant located on 5142 Van Nuys Blvd in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Ivan Moreno

In a world where cravings for multicultural cuisine is increasingly rampant, authentic food can be hard to find amidst many fast food restaurants. La Fogata happens to satisfy such demands.

Though not located in the most pleasant area of Van Nuys, this fast food restaurant by the Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Park has more than meets the eye. Upon entering, one could expect to be transported into an atmosphere sufficiently rich with Mexican art and decor, remaining true to its ethnic roots.

Ever since 1977, La Fogata has been a family business with couple Don Vram and Doña Maria in charge. The restaurant’s nameLa Fogata- besides for meaning campfire in Spanish, took inspiration from Don Vram’s personal experiences camping and cooking in Mexico. Nowadays the couple’s son Jack heads the restaurant, striving to reach the precedent set by his ambitious parents to offer a fair dining experience.

La Fogata treats customers with a wide variety of Mexican food to choose from with its breakfast and dinner menus. Best known for its wonderful breakfast, the restaurant has a decent selection of savory eggs, two of which being huevos rancheros and huevos con chorizo (which roughly translate into ranch-style eggs and eggs with sausage). Both of these plates are slathered with sauces like salsa verde and consist of tasty typical sides like beans and rice to complement the egg’s simple yet delicious taste. Other salsas tend to be pungent and spicy to a degree, but these are often times mild and enhance the flavor with its additional punch to the taste buds.

These eggs range from the modest prices of $7.55 to $8.55 for meals that can appease plenty of empty stomachs. On top of that, refreshment choices such as horchatas, a milk-based beverage, and tamarindo drinks are sold at a fair price of approximately $2, adding to how enticing the restaurant can be.

Their food is not the only thing done generally well: the services can go beyond satisfactory with a readily available and fairly helpful staff. Its nice, quiet atmosphere makes it easy to calmly enjoy a meal and the nice, patient staff helps to elevate this general experience.

Eating at La Fogata is a worthwhile experience for anybody searching for a modest meal that comes at a reasonable price. Its home-style food and services are likely to leave most anyone pleased.