Athlete of the Month: Emily Flores


Harlow Frank

Freshman varsity player Emily Flores prepares to bunt during practice on March 14.

Valery Barrera

Most people consider it a challenge to balance school work and sports but freshman Emily Flores treats it like a cakewalk playing for the Birmingham Community Charter High School’s girls varsity softball team.

Playing softball since the age of three, Flores and her father watched both baseball and softball, giving her the inspiration to play the sport. As a young girl, her uncle took her under his wing and teaching her what she knows today.

“My uncle coached me when I was three,” Flores said. “Now I’m out from his team and I started playing high school softball.”

In early May, the pitcher, outfielder and first baseman had hopes that she and her team had improved in time for the playoffs. Although there was a struggle at the beginning of the semester, the team has progressed over time.

 “As of now the season was pretty rough but it was fun and we learned from our mistakes,” Flores said. “We messed up on drills and we weren’t communicating as much as we needed to.”

Next season, Flores hopes to better her communication skills.

 “I really want to prove to the coach that I really want to play and communicate with my teammates,” Flores said. “Communication shows that you’re really in the game and you know what you’re doing on the field.”


Batting average: .083

On Base Percentage: .353

Hits: 1

Runs: 20

Stolen Bases: 2

At Bats: 12

Homeruns: 0