Felix says goodbye to Pearl Con


Emely Felix

Alumni Jonas Acebes and senior Emely Felix pose together at the first ever Pearl Con in 2016.

Mahali Sanchez

After being an all-century era maid cafe waitress for almost three years, senior Emely Felix says goodbye to her maid costume.

Felix has been dressing up as a maid and serving food every year at Pearl Con since it started three years ago. She began volunteering when science teacher James Morrison announced that maid cafe would be a part of Pearl Con.

“Mr. Morrison got me really into volunteering for the maid cafe my freshman year,” Felix said. “Since I was really into anime, it was also interesting.”

After deciding to volunteer at Pearl Con, Felix gained a much higher position in the maid cafe. She was given the opportunity to run and organize how the food would be served. She even inspired her friend to volunteer with her after doing it for one year and seeing how fun it was.

“I first started volunteering as something else in Pearl Con,” senior Grantas Javzebices said. “But I saw how interesting and fun it was to dress up for maid cafe so I joined.”

Science teacher Stephen Schaffter is still amazed at how well Felix did with maid cafe. He also believes that she will do great wonders with the new 50’s diner theme this year at Pearl Con to go along with the World War ll theme.

“I’m so amazed of what Emily has done,” Schaffter said. “I believe that she’ll do amazing things this year as the last years where she had done a tremendous amount.”